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Welcome to Riviera Village Property Owners Association. To qualify for Association membership you must own a property in the Riviera Village/Bowen Addition defined as having an address on the following:

If you do not own property as defined you are not eligible for membership. We are not accepting applications from outside the defined boundaries of Riviera Village/Bowen Addition.

To apply for membership you must complete the current year’s application. The 2017 membership fee is $250 and an additional $25 for each vessel registered. You must register all motorized vehicles you wish to launch in the basin. The registration must show the member/owner name and mailing address. You may not register a relative or friends vessel unless they reside in the same household on the application and that address is shown on their registration.

Along with your application and the fees, you must submit a copy of the vessel registration in your name. Motorized vessels include boats and jet skis. Decals will be issues for your vessel and all trailers. These decals must be displayed on the vehicles at all times.

Applications for association members are accepted at the annual meeting or by US Mail only. After approval of your application, your key and decals will be issued.

If you do not attend the annual meeting or other scheduled times there may be for key distribution, the only way to join the association is through the mail. You must mail your application and check to the association PO Box 692, Key Largo, FL, 33037. Your application will be processed and key and decals mailed back certified mail requiring your signature.

It is the responsibility of each applicant to have read the Association as membership requires agreement by signature and indicates you and your household members will adhere to them.

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact our email at:

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